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 Chris Mackey-Natz on the benefits of yoga.

"I just know personally that I'm in the best shape ever! ( always improving ).  I went through Army basic training @ 25 yo and fast forward 26 years....I'm almost 52.....i'm in better shape now as opposed to when I left Army basic. I'm very blessed to have found and awesome trainer/friend and good people who enjoy working out and taking care of themselves. You have made a difference in my life and I couldn't imagine what a week would be like if I did not have you in it.  I have been with you two years this summer in bootcamp. I have always kept fit by running or biking but after joining Tues/Thurs bootcamp, it was very clear how out of shape I really was. I have lost inches and gained definition and strength and signed up this past year with the Tough Mudder group that you formed. Normally, I would not have entered a obstacle/endurance course that was as physically demanding .  The TM event was great camaraderie and fun along the way with physical and mental challenges.  Bootcamp training allowed me to make it through this event and remain injury free. ( with the awesome help of our Chain reaction Fitness team).

I don't have any least favs with bootcamp.....have even gotten used to the very early am's.
What motivates me is seeing results in my physical appearance and seeing the numbers when I have lab work done. I often have co-workers come to me and ask questions about what I do and by no means am I an expert. I feel like there is nothing I can't achieve with your training and motivating class
Click Here to see Shirley in the Tough Mudder
-Shirley Cervantes

"TRX is a great supplement to my triathlon training.  Spending so many hours running, biking and swimming, strength training for me would be non-existent if it wasn’t for Benji’s classes. Since starting TRX with Benji I have seen noticeable gains in lower body strength, core stability and an overall “strong feeling.”  I especially feel better running due to the strengthening of all the “little” muscles I previously neglected.  The stabilizer muscles allow me to go harder for longer, and with less risk of injuries!  I love the variety of Benji’s workouts.  No 2 days are the same.  Also, he pushes me to a point that would be hard to get to without him.  It always seems like 10 seconds too long…which gets me to really challenge myself!  I wouldn’t say that I dislike this (actually the contrary), but being under someone else’s control for a class means doing things that may take you out of your comfort zone and really challenge you…this happens a lot!  Better physique (I’d be lying if I denied this!), overall health, be a role model for my family, and to see how far I can go in my triathlons.  I feel that we are all capable of WAY MORE than we think and I am trying to find out what that is for me."

-Mike Toutant

Wow, I've seen so many benefits from training with Benji.  I feel I have more inner strength by using my own body weight as weights, I feel stronger and I've reshaped my body especially my torso area.  Experiencing TRX is an amazing whole body workout that you control the outcome.   I do enjoy having a "date night" with my husband, Mark. I love the sweat, pain, health and physique TRX has given me.  "No Pain, No Gain"  :) - Michelle Steagall

I like the Variety Benji gives to the workouts.  I don't always LOVE each circut exactly, but the variety certainly keeps me interested and motivated.  I like the new Studio, convenient locaton.  Actually, its a bittersweet, being sore.  When I get sore, I realize I've worked a different muscle area.  It reinforces to me that I do need to exercise.  My motivation is the results.  Better physique.  If I want to stay in shape I know I must excercise, and this combination of cardio and strengthening works best  for me. 

-Lisa Bearson

 A little over a year ago, I made a decision to do something about improving my health.  My onocologist made it very clear that excercise and healthy eating are very important in reducing the chances of my cancer returning.  Also, I was on cholesterol medication (which had unpleasant side effects), my blood pressure was high, I needed to lose some weight, and overall, I was feeling worn out and a bit depressed.  At 71, I felt I was too young to feel like an old lady.  So many people my age are acting old before their time.  I understand how easy it is to fall into that category.  It takes an effort each day to exercise and eat clean, but  knowing how precious good health is, I made up my mind to do whatever I could to be as  physically fit as possible.  I started checking out different exercise places in Eau Claire, but nothing seemed right.  Then one day I was driving by Benjis' studio, and saw in the window someone doing kettlebells.  Wow!  That is something I had not found in Eau Claire, and I had done that for 6 years in the cities.  I made an appointment with Benji, and I knew immediately that this was probably going to be the place for me.  Indeed, it was the right place for me!  When I met with Benji for the first time, we talked about the importance of good nutrition and the types of excercise that he does. The TRX was new to me, but it has been great. So many other exercises to help develop better balance and strength were introduced too.  Benji takes a sincere interest in each workout.  I feel he truly wants me to succeed as much as I do.  One year later.......I feel great!  I am off cholesterol medication, blood pressure is normal, I have lost 20 pounds, I sleep well, am happy and energetic.  I am very grateful to Benji for his fine instruction and for his belief in my unlimited potential physically. 

  -Ginny Bartch

"I feel like I can challenge myself with more success.  Everyday tasks are accomplished with ease.  A feeling of taking care of your health has real rewards!  The group of women I work out with are truly amazing women!!  Not only in the fitness category but in so many other aspects of everyday life.  (Kids, Pets, family, random trivia ;-)).  The cleanness of the studio is so refreshing as well.  Seriously, I can not think of anything I would dislike about taking care of my health.  I even like the soreness I feel sometimes after a crazy , bananas workout.;-)  Many things motivate me to work out.  But, the most important is just simply the way I feel (strong) and the impact it has on my overall health (a spring in my step!). "

- Tara Anthony

"Staying strong during pregnancy. Gaining my strength back after having my second child. Plus, for me it's a time to get away from my studio and enjoy Benji being the great teacher he is and telling me what to do.  I love to be challenged and Benji likes inversions as much as I do. There are wonderful people at the studio. But best of all, it's time my husband and I have set aside as "date night." So we get to spend time together while getting an awesome workout.  Benji's classes are super fun so I wish they wouldn't end. (I know I have a weird definition of "fun.") I want to be able to keep up with my kids when they are older. And I want them to grow up seeing and experiencing health and fitness as a natural part of life." 

- Sheri Beammert owner Yoga Pilates and Beyond


"I started bootcamp after the birth of my fourth baby so I wanted to lose some baby weight but I was also looking for a way to fit a regular workout into my schedule.  Getting up early and working out before the kids wake up seems to work the best for our family.  But there are so many benefits: I'm continuing to lose weight, I have better mental health, and I'm trying to set an example for my kids about the importance of exercise (we do mini-Benji-bootcamps in the basement with the whole family).  I love that it is different every day.  I look forward to it because I know Benji will always try something new and challenging with us and that keeps it fun!  Plus, it is a great group of people to work out with.  I know everyone else is going to get up and be there at 5:30 then I can do it too!"  

-Katie Auth

Message sent the day after a Tough Mudder:"Hi Mudders! How are we feeling today?  We're a little stiff but no worse than a Benji workout."

Lori Tough Mudder-Lori Pankratz

"I just recently looked back at pictures, and didn't realize how much Benji changed my life. I never that I could ever get past my weight to get to such a high fitness level. After my first session with Benji, I was so nervous of being able to think that I could keep up with his workout. But each time I got better and better. I went down 4 pants sizes and changed my entire eating along with my workout routine. The results made me want more, I then decided to want to help others find themselves and became a Health and Wellness coach. Benji has made me truly find myself and want to keep growing even more. Thanks for absolutely everything Benji, but especially for helping me find me."Lori Tough Mudder

Benji Chain Reaction Fitness TRX-Jen MarsichLive Life BoldLive Life Bold


"It's time to get serious and start yoru training, sign up for a TRX class or the AFTERBURN BOOTCAMP. I am a runner and am not much into group classes, until now!!! I love the TRX class and just started the boot camp class. It is never the same thing, since he (Benji) is always mixing it up. If you are looking for something new or just starting out, Chain Reaction has to be on the list. Benji has changed the way I look at working out."

- Jen Theisen
“I’ve been training with Benji for three months now and he has done the impossible. I haven,t had cigarette, go to "the stairs" a couple times a week, have lost a few sizes, can do a plank for as long as he makes me and I love it. Benji is awesome.”

  -Mary Sommerfeld

“I have been training with Benji for about three months and can tell a difference in my core strength and general overall strength.  Benji has been crucial in keeping me motivated while encouraging my overall fitness.  I cannot imagine my workouts these days without the help and Motivation of Benji and Chain Reaction Fitness.”

                                                        -Jeremy Kachmar  

“For as long as I can remember, I've been active...in sports, at the gym, etc.  In 2007 I tore my ACL and meniscus playing competitive volleyball, and had reconstructive surgery.  After a year of recovery and strengthening my body, I returned to volleyball, but in 2009, I re-injured my meniscus and did further damage to my knee.  After another surgery, my recovery seemed slower, and although the second surgery was not as grueling as the first, I continued to struggle to regain strength at the gym and my knee continued to feel stiff and sore.  Workouts became boring and mundane and I stopped loving exercise. I began to feel like a hamster on its wheel, just going through the motions of exercise.  I gave up volleyball because I knew my knee and weaker body weren't strong enough to take it.  

I started working out with Benji, periodically doing a TRX workout in addition to the gym.  Just seeing the TRX straps made me feel like a kid again...made me think that workouts could be fun.   I then began The Afterburn Bootcamp with Benji in April.  Getting my rear end out of bed in the middle of the dark was definitely a struggle those first few weeks, but Benji woke my sleepy body up in no time!  The workouts were, and continue to be, dynamic, varied and motivating.  After the first month of boot camp, I was addicted!  The workouts are so much more fun than slinging free weights or watching the clock slowly tick away while doing cardio at the gym.  Time flies with Benji.  He makes me challenge my body in ways I wouldn't have thought of (I had no idea there were so many ways to make push ups more interesting), he's made me see that the world is my gym, and he has inspired me to love working out again.  I haven't had this much fun in years!  At boot camp, I've also had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people.  It's great to push and be pushed by others to work hard and better...the entire group works as a team, and the camaraderie is infectious.  Besides all of this, I have, of course, gained strength!  I've gained a tremendous amount of strength and flexibility back in my knee, and have developed a much stronger core now than ever in my life, which has even helped decrease chronic low back pain.  It's great to feel strength seep back into my body, and to be inspired by my "Afterburn" team and by myself.  

I can't thank Benji enough for re-igniting my passion for workouts, and for teaching me to carry myself through a tough time.”

                                                                                                                                -Tammy Amoth  


“My girlfriend and I attended Benji's first 2 Carson Park bootcamps and thoroughly enjoyed them! Benji has a way of kicking your butt! holding you accountable! and somehow still making it fun for everyone! I was so impressed that for the 3rd bootcamp I decided to start getting my patients involved.

Thanks for everything Benji!!”

-Dr. Kevin Schultz

 Hallie Chiropractic

"Our experience with Benji as a TRX and Boot Camp instructor has been amazing. He has the right balance of pushing us to do our best while also encouraging and noticing our strengths. He balances the fun and laughter that exercise can bring in a group setting with the seriousness of working hard and doing each exercise safely and correctly. We feel like we are in the best shape of our lives right now with a strong core that can carry us through our daily lives and jobs."

-Amelia and Rick Daniels

“Benji has an awesome bootcamp. If you need to jumpstart your workout or to increase the intensity of your existing routine, I would highly recommend signing up with Benji for that added kick. The cost is also excellent.”

-Rick Wanke


 “Dear Benji,

I want you to know that I thought of you while I was swimming in the

St. Croix River during my triathlon on Sunday! No, I was NOT cursing

you, but I was thanking you for the strength that my arms and

shoulders possessed to help propel me 1500 meters on the first leg of

my event! My arms NEVER tired, and I was able to emerge from the water

and jog up the steps to the transition zone! I KNOW it was your boot

camp that got me to this point! Thanks for all your help and

enthusiasm this last month! See you on Wednesday, bright and early!”

                                                                                        -Leslie, a.k.a. "Verna"