SUCCESS STORY: Courtney AND Brandon

Undeniably, one of the most rewarding things about training with great clients is to help them reach their goals. Courtney and Brandon Verbracken got married last summer. They set realistic goals and committed to succeeding in reaching them by the wedding. I'm so proud of what these two have accomplished. You can't deny the results:

Benji: You originally started to train in order to prepare for your wedding. What was your main goal at that time? 

Courtney: My main goal when I began working out with Benji was to lose weight and I was only focused on losing weight.    

 Benji: How did you feel after your first session (be honest)?  

Courtney: To be completely honest I contemplated never returning. I remember leaving my first session and thinking that I was going to physically die and that these types of workouts were not for me.  I also remember Benji telling me that the workout was cut much shorter due to having to fill out paperwork at the beginning of the class which resulted in a much shorter workout.  My thinking has sure changed since my first personal training session.

 Benji: At what point did you actually start to like it (at least a little)?  I would say a couple of months into my personal training sessions did I actually begin to enjoy going to workouts.

Courtney: I was consistently losing weight and I was seeing my physical ability improve as well as my physique.  I began running on the days that I did not work out with Benji and I was beginning to enjoy running.

 Benji: What benefits have you seen? (or example: weight loss, improved fitness, improved confidence, improved performance/race times, and improved health).
Courtney: I have seen so many benefits it is hard to name them all.  I lost an exceptional amount of weight and I feel like a whole new person.  My health has improved overall as I am not only committed to consistently working out but I am committed to eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle.  I now enjoy signing up for and competing in 5K races which I would have never done in the past.  I have also begun to cook at home instead of grabbing meals on the go.

 Benji: How did it feel to achieve your goals for your big day?

Courtney: It felt absolutely amazing.  I felt a huge sense of accomplishment on my wedding day because I never thought I could do what I did.  People complimented me throughout the day and told me that they were proud of me.  My parents and Brandon told me that they were extremely proud of me for my accomplishments and the dedication was put forth.
Benji: Brandon started to train with you a couple of months before the wedding.Did you appreciate how hard she had been working once you experienced a class? 

Brandon: Absolutely!  I did not understand what a full body workout consisted of and the high level of cardio activity that she was enduring.  I could not picture in my head what workouts she was participating in and I had no idea how difficult and the workouts would be.  I remember telling her that it can’t be that hard when she would come home and say that she was sore or that she was exhausted from a 60 minute workout.

 Benji: What benefits have you seen? (for example: weight loss, improved fitness, improved confidence, improved performance/race times, and improved health) 
Brandon: My body has become more toned, I have increased the amount of reps I can do with certain arm and leg workouts, my balance has increased, and I am now working muscles that I have never worked before.  I feel that my upper body and back have become much stronger.
 Benji: Since the “big day”, you both have continued training consistently. Do you find that it has been an important part of your weekly schedule?

Courtney and Brandon: We now make working out a part of our daily routine and we make sure to take our workouts serious.  Even when we are on vacation we find the time to get a workout in.  We have begun to work out together which we never did before and we have found that working out together benefited both our physical health and our relationship.

 Benji: What is your favorite thing about or that you have done in classes? 

Courtney and Brandon: Our favorite things about the classes are the high levels of cardio activity, the full body workouts, the variety of daily workouts, and completing things that we have never done before such as handstands, box jumps, pull ups, pistols, and various other activities.  Seeing each other get better at many of the physical demands that the class offers has been very rewarding.

 Benji: What is your least favorite thing from class? 

Courtney and Brandon: Brandon’s least favorite activity is the deck squats and Courtney’s least favorite activity is having to hold a plank in the TRX.

 Benji: What is something that you can do now that perhaps you couldn’t have done before starting your training? (Name anything either inside or outside of class…examples: handstand, change a tire in 2 minutes…you know anything). 

Courtney and Brandon: Brandon can now complete a handstand, handstand pushups, pull-ups, and working out on the rings.  Courtney can now complete box jumps, handstands, various workouts with the TRX, and various workouts with the kettle bell.
Courtney and Brandon: How does it feel to be able to do those things now?  It feels very rewarding as it makes all of the hard work that we have done pay off in the end.  We look forward to going to classes to continue to see what we are capable of.  Our past workouts consisted of only running and walking and now we feel that our workouts are better rounded and overall we feel much stronger.
Benji: Anything else you want to share
Courtney: It really is hard for me to express in words how grateful and thankful I am for Benji.  I remember my first personal training session thinking that I would never be able to participate in group classes due to my weight and lack of athletic ability at that point.  I now participate in group classes and feel that I am able to perform at a similar level to the other class participants.  Benji has always pushed me to be the best even when I doubted him.  He taught me not only how to believe in myself but take my athletic ability to the next level. 
Never did we both think that we would enjoy getting up at 4:45 a.m. to make it to a 5:30 a.m. workout.  We love that each class is completely different and each workout consists of a full body workout.  We leave each class with a sense of accomplishment.  Benji has pushed us to our maximum ability and we have done things that we never would have imagined possible.  He has taught us how to complete exercises with the correct form and that we don’t need big fancy gyms to complete a full body and intense workout.  We have made working out a part of our life and we enjoy working out on a daily basis.  We now enjoy getting out and hiking, skiing, completing in races, and overall being active all the time.